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Matthew Marshall with Sir jon Trimmer Matthew Marshall

Guitar maestro and iconic Kiwi dancer team up for Concert

Folksongs, freaks and fairy tales will be the theme for the July 20 Mulled Wine Concert in Paekakariki when New Zealand guitar maestro Matthew Marshall weaves his magic. Concert organiser Mary Gow says this concert in the 2014 Mulled Wine Concert series promises to be moving, exciting and quite special. "We are delighted to have Matthew back for a third concert in Paekakariki – there's something about the Kapiti Coast and the guitar that seems to create a special magic," she says.

Matthew Marshall is one of New Zealand's leading classical guitarists. He is currently Professor of Music and Dean of Arts and Social Sciences at Southern Cross University in Australia. He has performed throughout Europe, Asia, Pacific Islands, America, Australasia, and from Iceland to Easter Island.

In addition to Matthew's virtuoso guitar and lute-playing, this concert will offer a guest performance by Paekakariki's own ballet dancer, Sir Jon Trimmer. He will narrate from the collection "Platero y Yo" (Platero and I), written for guitar and narrator by the Nobel prize-winning Spanish author Juan Ramón Jiménez, set to music by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco. It tells the story of a playful little donkey called Platero who is loved by all. Platero is his owner's friend, confidant and a mirror through which he views the world.

The concert will open with Bach's monumental Fugue originally from his Violin Sonata No.1 arranged for the lute. This will be followed by pieces from English composer John Duarte based on British folk melodies and an original composition by Russian composer/guitarist Nikita Koshkin; "Usher Waltz" based on the horror story "The Fall of the House of Usher" by Edgar Allan Poe, a macabre and freakish story about hallucination and madness.

Completing the programme is "Koyunbaba" a major work by the Italian composer/guitarist Carlo Domenico inspired by many years spent in Turkey.

Mulled Wine Concerts Present: Matthew Marshall – Classical Guitarist with Sir Jon Trimmer as narrator and exhibiting artist.

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